ABO Baguette SB

Model: NEW 2017 French Baguette Slicer

Self Service French Baguette slicer

Model: ABO MATIC 4

Fully automatic cutting machine. Ideal for large shop projects. Cuts all types of bread 1 or 2 pieces easily. Operating by staff is very easy. Insert bread and machine start cutting automatically.

Model: ABO De Luxe 3

Compact, versatile cutter. Very light lever control.

Model: ABO ATOMA3 On 220 volts

This machine has two belts for optimal throughput of the bread by the blades. A very good tool with several uses.

Model: Tabletop bread slicer NEW! 34 cm diameter of bread

Very compact tabletop 34 cm passage (normal is 40 cm). Very solid construction, quiet and low-vibration operation. Available as semi-automatic and automatic (with handle) and as fully automatic (without lever).

Model: ABO MATIC ZB Self-service consumer

Operating machine itself without valves. Safe and easy handling by consumers, no valves, no allergens transfer, safe and fast operation.